I am Haeji, an illustrator working in the games industry. I make game art, children's illustration and comics.

As a game artist, I am responsible for all the visual assets that go into making a slot game: Symbol art, character art, logo, background, UI, effects and animation. I work with my art director and game designer to develop creative concepts that enhance gameplay, and identify design challenges early on. I communicate closely with developers to find the best implementation strategy. I am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and After Effects. My particular strengths are concept art, realistic painting, and vector based art.

Outside of work, my artistic focus is on diversity and inclusion in fantasy and sci-fi illustration. Through my comics, writing, and illustrations, I love building my own speculative world filled with a variety of cultures and identities. My other interests J-rock, alternative fashion, biological anthropology, and needlecraft.